Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Marvellous Meningie and Vibrant Victor Harbor

Too much alliteration? Sorry, can't help myself. We've been having a fantastic time, finding some really nice places to stay. We left Mount Gambier on Monday morning towards our last-minute-decision destination of Meningie. (Approx 300 kms of driving). To be perfectly honest, the main reason I picked this place was because it said there was a cheese factory/restaurant/cafe beside the caravan park! Sadly, I was misled - there was a cheese factory museum and a cafe/restaurant but no aisles upon aisles of cheese and free tastings that I was hoping for! But alls well that ends well because the park was absolutely gorgeous. Huge lakefront sites and we were able to have a fire. The weather was fantastic as well so we were very lucky and enjoyed a bit of relaxing down-time and 'quality family time' (If you can count Immie and Cooper bashing the stuffing out of each other as we played football).

We were only planning Meningie as a one night stopover but it was so nice we stayed for two. One of the benefits of a fairly loosely planned itinerary! But we had to press on eventually, so left Meningie on Wednesday morning for Victor Harbour (a nice trip of about 166 kms.) Lunch on the way was in the town just before, Port Elliott which looked like a lovely, historical and slightly smaller place too. Once arrived and set up we hit the visitor centre to find out what was what in town. We were sent in the direction of Basham's Beach which is a great spot to see whales! There were about six of them hanging out, I only spotted four but Imogen assures me she saw at least six. They were clearly having a lazy day as all we saw were the tops of their bodies and an occasional tail flap. Still exciting though and I'm sure we'll see more as we head further on.
This morning we had great fun at the Mini Golf in town. I picked up a surprise win (much to Leon's chagrin) and we took the horse drawn tram out along the causeway to Granite Island.
Tomorrow we're going to head to Clare for another couple of nights. We stayed there on our way to the Northern Territory on our last big trip and really liked it, so will spend a bit more time there.

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