Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 1 - Done and Dusted

Well we have survived our first day on the road! The intrepid family left Geelong around 9am (slightly later than planned - as usual, things always take much longer to finalise than you think!) With a few toilet and petrol stops along the way we excitedly crossed the South Australian border round 3pm.

The original plan was to stay at Bordertown but, buoyed by our good speed and the kids behaviour, we decided to press on to Keith. First mistake! The one caravan park was a bit scrubby looking and had no playground (gasp!) Next stop on the map was Tintinara. Second, even worse mistake. After spending a tense fifteen minutes trying to actually find the damn thing, we discovered it was a Norman Bates-ish motel with two dirt sites they presented as their caravan park.

So finally, around 5pm we rolled into Coonalpyn. At least there was a playground, plenty of large, grassed sites and a steal at $22 a night. Moral of the story is 'Stop while you're ahead!'

Tomorrow we plan to be up bright and early and Clare is on the agenda. Highlights so far for each member of the family have been the 110km speed limit (Leon of course - yes even with a large caravan on the back!), Cooper saw two purple trucks (yes, he's easily pleased) and Immie was allowed to be the keeper and distributor of a bag of mixed lollies. As for me I'm just glad none of the family has kicked me out of the moving vehicle due to my extremely pesky chest infection/cough from the depths of hell.

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  1. This is great Be!! I am going to be eagerly awaiting each post! No wonder Cooper was happy, I don't think I've EVER seen a purple truck! Hope that cough disappears very quickly. xx