Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hello from Ayers Rock Resort!

Well tonight sees us very happy to be in the camping ground at the Ayers Rock Resort. What an amazing place!

To backtrack a little, we had a great night's sleep at Erldunda. Although we'd been locked in from 9pm (for our own safety apparently) there was not a noise to disturb us. Showers in the morning were fine and we had a quick breaky before hooking up the van and hitting the road again.

After we'd been on the road about an hour, I got excited by this sight - was it Uluru?! Luckily, Leon had been informed by a local the day before that Mt Connor often fools tourists into peaking with enthusiasm too early! We stopped at Curtin Springs (where we paid $2.16 a litre for diesel!) for a photo opportunity of the aforementioned mountain and a stretch of the legs.

Before we knew it, it seemed we were arrived at the Ayers Rock Resort. If you follow the link I put up at the start of this post, you'll see what a huge place it is. After we checked in and got the van set up at the camping ground, we got back in the car to look at the rest of the place. There are heaps of different accommodation options, apartments, resorts, backpackers etc. Heaps of different eateries - we had our first lunch at Gecko's cafe. It also boasts a shopping centre with supermarket, gift shops, post office, hairdressers, car hire etc etc.

We found a little lookout post to check out the incredible sight of Uluru. We can't wait to get a bit more up close and personal, probably tomorrow. The kids are happy that we are setting up camp for a couple of days (5 nights, 6 days to be exact) and we won't be doing heaps of travelling over the next couple of days. Uluru itself is only about 20k from where we are.

Blogger is being very difficult for me tonight with photos so I shall return with more tomorrow!

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